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The 5-DAY author bootcamp...

...will take your writer's butt from pancake-flat & under-performing to a booty that is bountiful & boootiful...

In this bootcamp...

...we will lay your marketing neurosis down with a nice cup of chamomile tea, & release the might of merchandising genius upon an unsuspecting public (& the jungles of Amazon.com)


...this is not the sort of bootcamp where you will have to get up at 5AM & pretend to be all enthusiastic with a bunch of jiggling, lycra-clad strangers...

This is a bootcamp for authors...

(and we generally don't like to sweat).

click the big red button to go from a procrastinating, wheezing, wannabe writer to full-blown AMAZON WARRIOR

This is the bootcamp...

...that will take you from sparrow's fart of an idea...

to full blown Amazon warrior.

This is the bootcamp...

...that will kill the feedback loop of insanity...
(you know the one where you ask your Facebook 'friends' if they like cover 'A' or cover 'B', and exactly 50% say they love 'A' and wouldn't feed 'B' to a starving kitten, and exactly 50% say 'B' is the best thing since sliced salami and if you use 'A' they will unfriend you and stalk you with one star reviews on Amazon).

This is the bootcamp...

...that will help you write a bangin' book description that won't make you want to throw your keyboard out the window, or throw up. all over it

click the big red button to go from a procrastinating, wheezing, wannabe writer to full-blown AMAZON WARRIOR

This is the bootcamp...

...that will show you how to build the marketing right into your book so you don't disappear forever into the annals Amazon obscurity.

And it's just $25 to join - whaaat??

That's less than a sports bra and you'll never have to drip-dry it.

(hit that button for 5 days of thrills & drills with none of the spills)

This is what you have to look forward to:

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    No idea, bad idea or idea-itis? The 3 step process that will take you from: Ummmm……? to Ahhhhh…..! with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE & CRYSTAL CLARITY 
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    The one area that MOST AUTHORS IGNORE which will take their book from mediocre to meteoric.
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    The insanely SIMPLE SYSTEM to write a BOOK BLURB in minutes (not months), one that will earn its keep and not send you to an early grave or see you giving up entirely.
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    The SNEALY TRICK mums, magicians and marketers use to get people to take their medicine, believe their magic, and buy their shit … Once you know it YOUR WILL BE AMAZED at how easy it is...).

Plus Daily Challenges 

...that will keep you in tip top shape and ready for any and all authorly action that comes your way.

(click the big red button to go from a nail-nibbling bewildered - to know-it-all bombasity)

Who me?

Hi, I'm Kylie...

3 x Bestseller and creator of sneaky systems... After publishing my books of course I wanted them to be downloaded & devoured by crowds of adoring fans.

I soon found out that I had to become my own publicist if I wanted my books to get before the eyeballs of readers so I could make an impact AND an income.

Tired of crossing my keyboard-cramped fingers and hoping for the best
I knew there had to be an easier way.! 

Using my understanding of human psychology, copywriting techniques, and feedback from my coaching clients I created The Author Bootcamp to come to the rescue of the woe-begotten newbie author...

I look forward to seeing you in the bootcamp...

Love and pillow-ups

(like push-ups, but with more feathers),
Kylie 'I used to exercise, but then I became an author' Ansett

P.S. I will be sharing some of my best shizola, including the secret equation to back-end book marketing, why you should not follow business advice from the bigwigs, and how crabgrass can help you craft the perfect title.

(hit the button and get your author-grove on)

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