The angst of the creative process -

The angst of the creative process

Every day… every day you are a writer…
You are a writer if you write – every day.
I used to hate that.
It felt… forced..
It felt like HARD work.
And I didn’t want my art to be hard… or forced.
I wanted to create with ease and love and F-L-O-W.
I would sit with pen or keyboard and will the words…
Or give up and ignore the whole process.
The main emotion around the urge to create, to write, to live what I knew to be my purpose was angst.
But here’s the good news…
When there is THAT much resistance it is because you KNOW you are out of alignment with what you NEED to, MUST be doing…
Because if it wasn’t your true higher purpose then the angst would be mild.
Forgotten like a grumpy look from a stranger.
A momentary blip on your path, that you can step over and get on with your life.
When it plagues you.. tortures your soul… haunts all your waking moments…
Then you know this is you higher self making its precense felt.
Ignore it at your peril.
It won’t go away.
You will just feel worse and worse.
Like going further and further down the wrong road.
I’m not saying you can’t make peace with a bad decision.
You can.
Like if you intend to go from Sydney to Brisbane (head North for 1,000 kms) and somehow you get turned around and find you are heading to Melbourne (South 1,000 kms).
Image result for brisbane melbourne sign
You can tell yourself “Well there ARE really nice cafes in Melbourne” (there are)..
And “I’ll probably learn to love the weather in Melbourne” (you won’t)
But all along a little part of your heart is gazing North.
One of 2 things.
Go the fuck North and live your purpose.
And do it with grace and joy.
Reconcile with  South.
And do IT with grace and joy.
Stop wishing and wondering – that shit NEVER works.
Creatives have a destiny to fulfil.
Yours is waiting for you – all you have to do is say yes.
Write like nobody’s watching
Kylie ‘pick-a-path’ Ansett

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