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🔺🔻🔺BUSY is the New Black 🔻🔺🔻

True or False –

“You are worthy even if you are NOT a productive member of society.”

The belief that our worth is measured by our busyness has reached epidemic proportions…
It is so ingrained that it can be physically painful to go against this thought pattern.

But I promise you – your busyness does NOT equal your worthiness.

We have been brainwashed our whole lives –
🔺By our parents who wanted us to stop laying about, clean our room, to go to college, to get a job, to DO something…
🔻By the education system that had a monopoly on our minds for over twenty thousand hours of our most formative years…
🔺By society that threatens to shun us if we don’t conform to an acceptable level of productivity
🔻By our peers who are constantly seeking to out-busy us and each other…

Try this – BAN the word BUSY from your vocabulary.

Next time someone asks what you’ve been up to – DON’T use that word…
I know, it will be hard at first as you root around in your mind for a suitably worthy adverb to describe your overly full life..

But soon, not only will you easily proclaim how ‘relaxed’ ‘cruisey’ ‘easy-going’ you are…
How you’ve been navel-gazing, star-gazing, ant-gazing and having fun simply watching the world go by…

But you will begin to loose the need to fill every damned second ‘doing’ something.
Your friends will be shocked, your family aghast, the government may come knocking at your door…
But you?

You’ll be too busy enjoying the journey to notice.


Live an Aligned Life
Kylie ‘navel-gazing’ Ansett

P.S. (may include intentional irony)

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