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    What you can do in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES to start collecting reader's emails to HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS (#27).
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    When to GIVE YOUR BOOK AWAY for free - & why getting the timing wrong for this will SPELL DISASTER (#14).
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    The big secret behind PRINT VS E-BOOK and why this knowledge will DRASTICALLY IMPROVE your results (#18).
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    How to choose the BEST CATEGORIES & why getting this right can MAKE OR BREAK your book (#9).
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    The number one thing that will KILL YOUR BOOK SALES & how others are using this exact tactic to SELL MORE BOOKS EVERY DAY (#12).

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Hi, I'm Kylie...

3 x Bestseller and creator of sneaky systems... After publishing my books of course I wanted them to be downloaded & devoured by crowds of adoring fans.

I soon found out that I had to become my own publicist if I wanted my books to get before the eyeballs of readers so I could make an impact AND an income.

Tired of crossing my keyboard-cramped fingers and hoping for the best...  
I knew there had to be an easier way.! I gathered information on the hottest topics, the most frequently asked questions & the biggest new author pitfalls...

I wanted to make it easy, effortless, & highly effective for others to dive in to self-publishing without losing their Mojo or their way - and the Self-Publisher's Epic Guide was born.

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