How do you feel about writing, extroverts? What about publishing, introverts? -

How do you feel about writing, extroverts? What about publishing, introverts?

When we write it is such a loner exercise.
Not ​lonely​ – but all those quiet hours.
The silence… the lack of feedback or response or conversation.​

It’s the perfect environment for an introvert – I often wonder how extroverts manage… 

But then it all changes…

We publish

Oh boy…

It’s like we suddenly jump out from the bushes yelling:.

“Ta-da! I’m here – look at me-ee!”

Well, finally the extroverts are in familiar territory…

But the introverts are dying….

Because not it’s only here I am… but while you’re at it… take a good long look inside my soul!


All those private musings are now made public..

It’s a dichotomy… and it is one of the reasons why we don’t take the next step to making the dream of a book a reality…

Why we never write that book that we are longing to..

  • The extroverts are drained by the lack of external interaction and get caught up in the long hours of solo writing…
  • The introverts are exhausted by the thought of putting themselves out there and stop at the publishing point…

How can we reconcile this?

Try these exercises:

Extroverts…. how can you embrace your inner introvert (yes – you have one!)

Journal prompts for extroverts:

  • How will it feel when the world reads my message?
  • What possibilities open for me when my book is published?
  • In what ways does being alone support and enhance my creative process?

Affirmations for extroverts:​

  • ​Sacred solitude is the path to success
  • I am grateful for the space for my creativity blossoms
  • I choose to thrive when I am alone

Introverts…. how can you embrace your ​inner extrovert?

Journal prompts for introverts:

  • How will it feel when I help someone with my message?
  • What possibilities open up for me when my book is published?
  • how can I remain centred in the presence of others?

Affirmations for introverts:

  • ​​Other people’s energy empowers me
  • I choose to thrive in the presence of others
  • I am available to accept success from the whole world

Time to take that next step?

You CAN do it!

Not only that – you must!!
We are waiting for your message!

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Write like nobody’s watching
Kylie ‘extroverted introvert’ Ansett

P.S. If YOU want to write like nobody’s watching and need some no-nonsense mentoring – let’s take a turn around the dance floor – I promise I won’t bite