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Me -

Hi, I'm Kylie...

I have always been fascinated with the power of the mind. 

As a child, I was blessed to attend an alternative school where self-actualisation & free thinking were taught and actively encouraged.

I spent my teenage years living in a remote bushland Buddhist commune without electricity or running water, surrounded by spiritually-minded people who were seeking answers to the 'big' questions. 

No doubt, those early experiences were what motivated my interest in how our beliefs shape our reality.

​I was opened to a deeper understanding of my own spiritual journey, which included, amongst other things...

Completing a 3-month solitary meditation retreat, reading dozens of books on human psychology, spirituality, and the body/mind connection. and even writing and self-publishing three bestselling books on health, healing and the power of the mind.

As a single mother I supported myself and my family as a bodyworker and metaphysical healer, balancing the bodies and minds of my wonderful clients who came to me for alignment and living their best lives.

I've made it my mission to understand and embrace the untapped abilitiy of our mind to effect change in our lives.

In 2011 I realised coaching was my jam... I completed the DSWA Coach Excellence School and Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer Coaching Program - at that time I was mainly doing business coaching, but I have since found my real zone of genius was life coaching... helping people with such things as:

  • Healing deep psychological wounds.
  • Dissolving chronic worry about finances.
  • Mending toxic relationships.
  • Effectively dealing with pain.
  • Transforming the physical body.
  • Finding love when all hope had been given up.

After twenty-two years as a therapist, I am able to quickly see through the surface layers to the key issue you most struggle with and what is holding you back from moving beyond them.

I've used these methods with my clients to transform all areas of their lives and to unlock inner powers they had only dreamed of... 

I would love to work with you! If this is sounding like something you would like to explore - I would love to talk with you and see if working together would help you as much as it has helped others.