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power play -

Connect to Your Power....... Unleash Your Genius..... Tap into Flow...

4 Weeks of Deep Dive Energy Work 
Unique Trainings for Healers, Writers & Artists to Connect to, Direct, & Unleash Your Creative Flow

You know what it is like when you are connected to your INNER POWER..

When your creative MUSE is set free to roam and dance... to fly...

Whether you are creating something - like a piece of writing or an artwork

Or you are doing something - bodywork, healing, meditating

When you are in flow 

When it's not only easy, but fun...

When you let go of control it bring unexpected and genius results..


When You are Connected with Your Superpower... Magic Happens!

Your creativity flows, your inspiration is on fucking fi-yah!

When you operate from this place, every move you make are aligned

The things you create are INSPIRED... 

It takes almost no effort, 

You could almost call it a state of pure joy.

Oh to be in that state all the time!

To be able to step into it at will

But it can be Elusive, can't it?

You CAN'T really dial it up, or switch it on and off as you wish

Your creativity muse...

Sometimes she is there, right in your heart,

Guiding your words, your movements, your very thoughts...

Other times SHE HIDES, is nowhere to be found...

And you are forced to 'go through the motions'

Hoping she will reappear...

And what about Burn-Out?

Many healers and artists find when they tap into that powerful creative energy

They don't know how to direct or manage it..

They can get swept away, overwhelmed and depleted

This energy is wild and crazy and it takes no prisoners.

You need to know how to have mastery over it.

Because when you fly this close to the sun, you might just get burned...

So, tragically, to save their health or sanity, they turn away... 

Renounce their gifts for fear of losing themselves to it.

I Know What That's Like...

For the last 20 years I have been blessed to make my living as a healer and writer... Not something I take for granted.

And to be able to do this work full time, for this long, I have had to learn how to manage my energetic flow, how to have protective boundaries that still allow the energy through, and how to step into 'flow' on command.  And to do it in a way that is sustainable, and sustaining.


I soon realised that if I didn't learn to harness and direct this powerful energy it would consume and drain me.

So I made it my mission to discover how. 

For over a decade I trained in techniques from many philosophies, modalities and paths: from powerful Mayan , to the gentle Hawaiian, from the ancient cultures of Indian Ayurvedic to sacred practices of Tibetan Vajrayana, from modern mindset methods to the mysterious energy channelling of Wicca. I drank in their wisdomAnd then I put what I had learned into practice.


the combination of these wisdoms was electric!

I learned how to step into flow and call up my creative muse how to deal with burn out and turn 'draining' into 'energising'. I learned how to pass this unique knowledge on to others.

Whether creating a piece of writing or preparing a talk for a large group... if I was doing a one on one session with a client or even just with a friend, I was able to read the energy, to step into flow and work with authentic creativity spirit to offer what was needed at the time.

and now i want to share this ALL with you!

So, What Will This All Look Like?

What if you could call up your INNER POWER on command?

How awesome would that be?

To know how to switch on intuition, and OWN THAT SHIT?

 I will share practical ways to tap into instant, beautiful & productive creativity 

and avoid the dreaded burn out.

This is the compilation of my 20 years of playing, working and experimenting...

Using my knowledge as a writer and author of 3 best-selling books,

tapping into my intuitive bodywork and energy practices,

drawing on my years of mindset work (including a 2 month solitary retreat)...

I'm bringing it all together into collection of unique trainings to support you in your ventures and adventures as a creative, a healer and an artist.

What Will we Cover?

Week 1: Energy Mastery


The art of keeping channels open for inspiration, while ensuring sacred boundaries are in place so you are energised rather than drained by your work.

Week 2: Meet The Muse


Getting to know and tap into your creative power - learn how to drop into flow and allow rather than try. 

Week 3: Power play 


Using totem animals and moving meditation rituals to play with your creative power. Tapping into your inner child to bring a lightness to your work.

Week 4: Expression


Creation needs an audience. Powerful automatic writing exercises to understand how to show up powerfully and authentically.

And you also get...

Exercises to use:




Meditations to use:



Practices to use:



Rituals to use:



and more...

so, how Much iS all of this?

OK - this is where it gets... interesting!

Because this course is sooo unique... 

The culmination of decades of my experiences brought together in one place for you...

And more than anything, I want you to benefit...

Now, I could easily put this course at $297...

And as a 4 week deep dive experience, it would be a pretty good deal...

But hey, it's the giving season, and I want to make it super affordable...

A total no-brainer...

In fact, I really want you to be able to gift this to YOURSELF...

That's why I have priced this at the low, low investment of $95

Because creating was meant to be easy

connect with the power that each and every one of us possesses.

If you ARE ready to freak the fucking neighbours out

& find YOUR zone of genius...

.P.O.W.E.R... ...H.E.A.L.I.N.G... ...C.R.E.A.T.I.N.G.

WHAT is your Power?
WHEN is your Healing?
HOW are you Creating?

It is all NOW.
It is all PERFECT.
It is all YOU.


           Copyright 2018 by Kylie Ansett                                                                                     DISCLAIMER