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Testimonials -

Here's what others have to say...

  • Kylie is absolutely awesome. She works with the highest level of joy, compassion and love. She has an amazing intuition, her sessions are a totally trans-formative experience. Flying High! Loving Life! Why wouldn't you after seeing Kylie! - Imke Steyer

  • I love how Kylie helps me see where I’m giving away my authenticity and power to try and please other people. It’s hard to look at our own part in challenging situations, and Kylie is very skilled at asking the right questions and helping me pick up patterns of behaviour that aren't serving me, Her coaching has helped me shape a clear pathway forward and step into my own power  with confidence. - Fiona Hoskin
  • Your coaching has been so helpful, everyone needs to know about this! – T. Paldon
  • Kylie has become a trusted mentor who wants and expects the best from me and for me. - L. Ward

  • After only a few sessions I experienced unbelievable relief. Each day I can see an increase in my ability to tap into my inner joy. It's a gift to know I have Kylie in my corner. - C. Rees\

  • Kylie really knows her stuff. I am always amazed at how she sees right through to the real issues. - J. Manfreed

  • Kylie's coaching style is more guide than crutch - it enables me to understand how to tune into my own alignment and find my own answers. She shows the way, I do the work. - P. Tubin

  • I found it so useful to be able to get in contact with Kylie between our scheduled sessions, when it got a bit tricky or I needed some on the spot guidance. There were times when I felt at a loss, and its been really useful having her at the end of the phone then. - D. Ama 

  • I have seen therapist and councillors and psychologists for my anxiety and physical symptoms for years. After just one session I saw more change than any of those had given me. And the amazing thing is, I know I can easily do this work myself anytime I want to. - R. Kint