Your words cast a spell... -

Your words cast a spell…

Every one that leaves your lips, your pen, your finger tips, is ripe with its own energy.

Each word you use has the power to TRANSFORM.

Words can start wars… and stop them.
Word can start a love affair… and kill one in an instant.
In ancient times Word-Workers cast Word-Spells.
They told Word-Tales that held listeners SPELLBOUND.
They spun Word-Stories that helped make sense of a mysterious world.
They wove Word-Tapestries that explained the intricate inner workings of the human mind.
They made the UNKNOWABLE known and brought the UNATTAINABLE within reach.

We are all WORD ALCHEMISTS – even if we aren’t aware.
Our words cast SPELLS like the ancient Word-Weavers.
Our words can and do – change lives – especially our own.

    ***   ***   ***   ***
You are MANIFESTING your future one. word. at. a. time.
Each word an INCANTATION to your destiny.

Are you harnessing your your Word-Magic with laser precision?
Or are you SQUANDERING your Word-Powers?
Devaluing them thoughtlessly?
Prostituting them ruthlessly?

Still powerful, careless words cast deformed spells.

Manifest mutations and bring forth monsters.

Surprising demons that plague you, that are creations of your own misused words.

You are the ALCHEMIST of your letters.
The SHAMAN of your sentences.
And the WITCH of your words.

What sort of SPELLS are YOU casting?

Write like nobody’s watching
Kylie ‘word-alchemist’ Ansett

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