The Art of Doing Nothing -

The Art of Doing Nothing

Something is happening to my mindset coaching and my intuitive bodywork sessions.

Or rather something is NOT happening.

Instead of needing to know the backstory, to hear the history, to explore the issues, and the issues behind the issues…

I realise that NONE of that is needed.

I know we all love our stories.
I know there is satisfaction in handing over those MRIs & XRAYs.
I know it feels necessary to walk the well worn path of the whys and hows and wherefores.

But NONE of it is needed.

And my role is to distract you from all of it.
In fact, that is ALL my role is.

To see you as whole, and to distract you from seeing yourself as anything other than that.

I think eventually both my healing and my coaching will be silent, motionless.
There will be no words, no techniques.
Just BE-ing.

Now I know, people probably won’t pay me to sit in silence with them (even if it does work), so I’ll probably keep doing SOMETHING.

But really, all I need to do is BE there,
And all YOU need to do is to BE.

And in that BEing – all the healing, all the transformation – is DONE.

Oh, I’ll wave my hands about and poke and prod a bit.
I’ll tut and murmur.
I’ll say the words.

But NONE of it is needed.

I only do as a ritual to appease our outer reality beings.
While the REAL work is being done in silence and stillness behind the scenes.

More a remembering than a doing.
More an uncovering than a changing.
More an acknowledging than a fixing.

And effortless.

—— —— ——- ——- ——–

What do you think? Let me know – I always enjoy hearing your thoughts 🙂

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Kylie ‘alignment whisperer’ Ansett

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