The artifice of time and how to live forever -

The artifice of time and how to live forever

Lately I’ve been playing around with time…

Oh, you’re going to love this…

Moments of time…

You know that space, when meditating…
That space between the in breath and the out breath?
That space after you inhale, but before you exhale?

That’s always been my favourite bit.

I always want that moment to go on…

To -e- -x- -t- -e- -n- -d-

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Well, lately, I’ve been seeing those moments in time… everywhere.

Let me explain…

You know how we are always complaining about how fast time goes?
Pretty soon everyone’s going to be saying…
You’re going to be saying…
You’re probably already saying…

“May?!? How can it already be May? Where has this year gone?”


Why do we utter this every month with a mixture of confusion, anxiety, and fear?

What are we confused about?
What are we anxious about?

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The rapid passing of time?
The unrelenting onward march towards our inevitable death?


We’ve been missing the moments…
As we plan our days and weeks and months…

We’ve been missing the moments
As we plan or regret about days coming or days gone.

We’ve been missing the moments.
And within every minute is a multitude of moments.

And mostly we miss them.

But what if we could catch them?
Or just catch one?

That moment would be magic.

Maybe it comes after the in-breath and before the out-breath.
But that is just an artifice to extend a moment.
To attempt to hold it so we can catch it before it slips away.

EVERY minute has moments.

The thing is to SEE them, not ignore them.
And then —- to let them go.

Because the brilliant thing about a moment is… it only exists for THAT moment.

But hot on its heels is another…
And another…

Catch that one too.
Catch them all.

If you do that, not only will time slow down.

It will cease to exist.

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Will cease to have a hold over you.
To have any meaning to your life.

May can come and go.
And so can June and July.
2018 can turn into 2019

Numbers, names, dates, days…

Are no more than meaningless gibberish.
Artificial constructs to please artificial people with artificial agendas.

That have no power over YOU.

You – a manifestation of pure vibration.
You – a being beyond time.
You – holding to no rules, no numbers

Nothing as mundane as time can restrict YOU


When you live in moments

Write like nobody’s watching
Kylie ‘breathing’ Ansett

P.S. Finding the moments between the inhalation and the exhalation of your book is just one of the things you will master when you work one on one with me.
Take your life and dreams to the next level xxx