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What do you WANT to create?

What is it exactly that you want to create?

Do you know?
Are you connected with it?
Or is it a gossamer thread, wafting in the breeze, elusively escaping every attempt to capture it?

Knowing we WANT to create, is NOT the same as knowing WHAT to create.
And the knowing of one, and not knowing of the other, can drive you mad.
Can KILL your creativity.
And turn you into a zombie…

A zombie…
You know, a constant consumer of other’s creations.
Futilely trying to fill your void with their creations.
But they never fill you properly.
There is a constant feeling of emptiness, when you are a consumer only.

So you have to Keep. On. Consuming.
Filling up on other people’s creations that will never sate you.
Can NEVER sate you.
And all the while, your creativity remains unexpressed, unspoken, UNBORN.
And you remain unfulfilled.
Still hungry…

And so you consume with even more zombie-like persistence.
Never taking your eye from the prize…
One rotting foot in front of the other.
Bony arms reaching,
Putrid mouth gaping open…


Because it’s never enough, can never BE enough.
How could it?
The hole you are trying to fill with other’s creations is the hole of your own unexpressed creations.

I look at those prolific creators – the ones who KNOW…
The ones that both know they WANT to create AND know WHAT to create.
(AND then do it).

How do they know?
What is their secret?
How do they do it?

And the conclusion I have come to?

They have overcome the resistance.
They just fucking DO it.

They allow it to be crappy and broken and wrong.
They allow it to be judged.
(and not least by themselves).

Those that know not only that they WANT to create,
But also know WHAT to create
AND then create it…
They have faced the inner critic and won.
They have given the finger to their own judgement.
(the rest of the world’s judgement is nothing compared to this).
The CREATING is easy compared to this.

The knowing WHAT to create – it comes when you have allowed this space.
When resistance is overcome
When there is acceptance and allowance and SPACE.
All we need to do is look after the how,
And the WHAT looks after itself

Write like nobody is watching
Kylie ‘not a zombie’ Ansett

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