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...and you're not afraid to go after it. 

You're a no-nonsense sort of person., but you're also deeply intuitive.

Not only that, you've learned to trust your intuition.

You hear it and then you follow it. 

It's part of your genius.

The other part is your ability to see the brilliance in others. When you connect with someone, it is that aspect of them you relate to.

And people love that about you!

They shine brighter because of what you see in them. They reach higher, go further and achieve more - because of your belief in them.


The flip side to being so intuitive and so driven... 

Because you hold it all together so brilliantly, no one would ever suspect that sometimes you have doubts... About yourself, about your ability, about everything.

And because you follow your intuition, you tend to dive right in. So if things don't pan out just how you hoped, or as quickly as you wanted, there is a pang of fear....

The terrifying thought that none of it's worth it, and that everything you are doing is wrong

What if this isn't the right path?

And another thing that trips you up is that because you so clearly see the potential in others, it frustrates you when they don't see it in themselves.

You get impatient when they don't back themselves. You want nothing more than for them to be able to see what you see.

And because of that, you can become too passionate, too enthusiastic. You bulldoze them into action with the power of your own enthusiasm... and then end up carrying them.

If this sounds like you, read on...

Hi, I'M KYLIE...

I know what it takes to be self-reliant, to live by my convictions, and to occasionally bite off more than I can chew...

3 x international number 1 bestseller, single mother, and business owner.

A healer, a herbalist, an iridologist and a food therapist. I have worked as a bodyworker for over 22 years and loved every body-knowing, muscle-melting minute of it!

One of the things I am most proud of is completing a three-month solitary meditation retreat.

A self-taught copy-writer, web & graphic-designer, and a self-published author - you could say I am the poster child for DIY!

With no background in sales, I quickly rose to branch manger for a company, my main role training and coaching hundreds of consultants in the art and science of selling

And whether it is my patients, my consultants, my clients or my friends, I've always been able to see the inner brilliance in others.

And by seeing it and acknowledging it, I allow them  to shine. 

I don't heal; I allow healing..
I don't teach: I allow learning. 
I don't transform: I allow transformation. 

Because of my belief in them, I have built a fiercely loyal following. People who have stayed with me for not just years, but decadesPeople who believe in me so deeply they refer every single member of their family to me.

To me that is the ultimate acknowledgement. 


I hold the sacred space for you to birth your dream...

I offer you ultimate PRESENCE: I will listen to you deeply, and I will coach you powerfully. 

I offer you PERSPECTIVE: I see the things that others don't see, and say the things that others won't say.   

I offer you ALCHEMY: We will activate the synergistic magic that occurs when two people powerfully hold a vision in their minds at the same time.  

I offer you TRANSFORMATION: I’ll ask provocative questions to create brand new neural pathways in your brain that inspire fresh ways of thinking.

You will dream bigger than you thought possible, and then become crystal clear on the tiny, daily steps needed to birth that dream with ease.

I am your 'Dream Doula'.

Together, we will bring life to your vision.

If you're ready to reinvent your life, we need to have a conversation...

...and discover if working together is the next logical step...


Really Useful

I found it so useful to be able to get in contact with Kylie between our scheduled sessions, when it got a bit tricky or I needed some on the spot guidance. 

 There were times when I felt at a loss, and its been really useful having her at the end of the phone then.

– D. Amas

A Gift!

After only a few sessions I experienced unbelievable relief. Each day I can see an increase in my ability to tap into my inner joy. It's a gift to know I have Kylie in my corner.

 - Cynthia Rees

Find My Own Answers

Kylie's coaching style is more guide than crutch - it enables me to understand how to tune into my own alignment and find my own answers. She shows the way, I do the work. 

- P. Tubin

I get so Much From It!

I cannot believe how my life has changed, and so quickly too. I have never felt so happy or at peace.

Thankyou Kylie!

– I. Nichol

Valuable for anyone wanting to move forward

Kylie was quick to notice one of my blind spots, work on it, and turn it around. 

It was a huge insight that will make a real impact in my business. I have clarity around this issue now and I feel so much more confident. 

Kylie's deep coaching would be valuable for anyone who wishes to move forward in life or business! Thanks Kylie!

– Samantha Sterry

Highly Recommend

Having sessions with Kylie we focused on some important issues in my life. It has given me some huge insights!

I’m feeling more aligned with my inner values. 

I  highly recommend her.

 – Meagan Morgan

Results in Just One Session!

I have seen therapists, counselors & psychologists for my anxiety and physical symptoms for years. After just one session I saw more change than any of those had given me. 

And the amazing thing is, I know I can easily do this work myself anytime I want to. 

- R. Kint




Kylie is absolutely awesome. She works with your totality, body and mind. 

Always on the highest level of joy, compassion and love. She has an amazing intuition, her sessions are totally trans-formative experience

Flying High! Loving Life! Why wouldn't you after seeing Kylie!

 - Imke Steyer

She Asks Just the Right Questions

I love how Kylie helps me see where I’m giving away my authenticity and power to try and please other people. 

It’s hard to look at our own part in challenging situations but Kylie is very skilled at asking the right questions .

She helps me pick up on patterns of behaviour that don’t serve me well, and then helps me to shape a clear pathway forward so I can step into my own power easily and confidently.

Kylie has become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from me and for me.

 -  Fiona Hoskin

Tell Everyone!

This has been so helpful, You need to tell everyone about this!

– Thubten Paldon

If You're Ready to Level up and Connect with your Soul Purpose... the button to get started...

...and begin your journey to self-discovery...

Your Soul Purpose Coach 

Kylie 'dream doula' Ansett

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